More than just advisory.

We serve early growth and steady stage companies at any level of revenue.

We partner with our founders every single step of the way using battle tested frameworks to classic startup challenges from idea to sustainable business.

1792 Partners delivers functional expertise in every aspect of startup operations, from hiring to fundraising, product development, culture development, and marketing & sales. With dozens of startups as clients, we take great pride in helping passionate founders realize visions from cradle to exit. We enable the founder to concentrate on the core business.

Instead of only providing introductions or having sporadic meetings to discuss issues, our team brings wisdom and proven strategies to accelerate founders and companies.

1792 Partners’ Startup Operations Review program is designed to provide a high level assessment, review, and action plan for improving growth in early-stage startups.

Our methodology combines the Growth System with standard enterprise assessments and specific perspectives for startups. The areas of analysis include strategy, processes, organization, and IT platform.

1792 Partners
  • Has a unique perspective on founders and talent.
  • Works within well-established domains where we have deep expertise, known reputations, and established success.
  • Demands long-term defendable competitive advantage.
  • Seeks near-term profitability as validation of business models.

1792 Partners is a global advisory and venture firm founded by proven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Wall Street investors with decades-long track records.

Questions we answer…

Entrepreneurs have big questions. We help you answer these so you can get down to business quickly. Sometimes you just need advice on a specific question. Other times, you need a whole strategy and a plan to execute it. Every situation is unique and 1791 Partners tailors what we do to meet your needs.


With over 25 years of experience working as angels, consultants, board members and advisors, we’ve connected hundreds of startups with the largest companies in the industry because we’ve already collaborated with and sold to them.
Our clients and partners are across a wide array of industries, spanning the globe .

Composite Materials

1792 was a big year.

The French Revolution began, George Washington was president, the cornerstone of the White House was put in place… and on a sidewalk in New York, Wall Street was born. It was a year for empowering the people, laying foundations, and liberating capital - setting the stage for the next 200+ years.

Our Team.

We are a Bay Area-based advisory and venture firm with a global reach and understanding. We have a hands-on approach to mentor and empower founders to pick the right path. We counsel and navigate every step along the way. We have varied backgrounds in the areas of healthtech, fintech, finance, sales, SaaS, IoT, and data science.

Bridges & Bulls.

Silicon Valley Acumen + Wall Street Savvy

1792 Partners is merging two forces: the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley - innovation, disruption, sales, marketing, corporate & business development, rapid global scaling, and M&A… with the financial acuity of Wall Street - LP’s, family offices, wealth management, fund raising, cash flow management and IPO’s.

Reza Kazemipour
Reza Kazemipour

Founder & Managing Partner

Troy Foster
Troy Foster

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Coffman Headshot
Mark Coffman

Operating Partner

Coffman Headshot
John Fowlkes

Operating Partner


01. Ideation

In this phase we work with you to understand what you are looking to a accomplish and what kind of product needs to be built.

02. Foundation

We help lay the foundation for your business. We help you put together your business plan and develop your business strategy so you can have a successful launch.

03. Development

Our team of developers will design and build you a beautiful product in a timely manner and in a cost efficient way.

04. Launch

Once your product has been built we help you to launch. Our marketing team makes sur that the word gets out and we provide with any resources or support that you need to be successful.

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